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A Picture Persuades a Thousand Ways
Pathos of Persuasion

A Picture Persuades a Thousand Ways

Nike uses persuasive ads to sell their product.


VW's "Safe Happens Ad" broken down and labeled by emotional states found in pathos and Aristotle's tension/release pattern.
Two couples talking after a movie. Easy to relate to. Joking, lighthearted, fun. Audience is relaxed. Women and men both relate to the flirty banter.

Absolutely terrifying set up to crash--feeling of inevitability The noise is so LOUD and scary! Then darkness! What happened? Who's hurt? Panic sets in.

Audience is as shaken as the actors, unhurt but stirred up. We all feel like "that could happen to us". Perfect moment to persuade audience--"Safe Happens", clean background.

We want to return to calm state, and this ad helps us solve the problem of vehicle safety. Then the logo on a white screen--trustworthy, solid, safe. Persuaded?