What Have We Learned Contemporary

How Visual Images Persuade


Images represent reality
Images resemble what they mean. In this commercial for Corona beer, the visual image of the ocean combined with the sounds of the waves makes the advertisement persuasive because of it's representation of reality.

Images serve as proof for a persuader's message
The image gives proof of events that lead to the situation depicted in the commercial. In this particular ad, the exotic location and attractive people show a reality that is supposed to exist in the world of Corona drinkers. The image has been staged and manipulated to create a desired visual for viewers.

Images suggest arguments to audiences
This advertisement makes the argument that if you drink Corona you can get attractive women and spend time in beautiful locations. It also connects social status, relaxation, and having a good time with the product. The commercial doesn't actually need to state these claims because they are implied.

Examples of Contemporary Persuasion:

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