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Everyday we are influenced by persuasion and all the structures that go along with it, this is no accident. There are many factors that go into play when persuaders are keeping audiences such as you in mind. Take a good look at Time Square. Looks like a pretty busy and happening place, right? Well in case you have been influenced into feeling that you are now hungry or thirsty after looking at all the goodies being offered - feel free to rush to fridge and grab a little something. And, then continue reading down the page for your next event - if you dare...........


Now that you have potentially been convinced to be hungry or thirsty - we - the Powerful Persuaders would now like to convince you to be terriefied - totally and completely frightened out of your mind - nightmares for weeks and weeks to come - or at least a little bit frightened. Arrow down and watch the next video - if you dare..........

Does the audience allow themselves to be drawn into a horror flick? Does watching this trailer make you feel anything? Do you feel tension, and then, safe, and then tension? if so, then you are experiencing tension-release pattern.

Do you now think that you have seen the ultimate fear - We have something to show you that might change your mind.

Persuasion is multi facitedPersuaders do not only catch your eye they grab as many of your senses as possible.Parenting can be a tough job. There I've said it - are you convinced?
Kids are cute - but they can be a handful. can be the sweetest little things you have ever seen - but really - parenting is not always easy.

Take a good look now - can you imagine this beautiful little girl ever being anything less than perfect?

Oh what a charmer - parenting must be a piece of cake - right?
diaper_baby_4.jpgOK - One more time now - Parenting can really be a lot of hard work!I can tell by that look in your eyes that you are still not convinced.Then I think we will just have to put it all together and show you.Remember - we warned you - parenting is not always easy. Just look at the pictures.Listen to the sounds.Do you feel the emotions stirring yet?Can any of your senses relate to these shots?Remember - we did warn you - now please continue reading and enjoy.... at your own risk of course!CarefulJust a little furtherYou are almost thereReady - here goes!

Now then - if we - the Powerful Persuaders - have done things correctly - right about now YOU - the viewer - should be:hungry or thirsty,really, really scared,up to your elbows in - well you know what we mean,and probably feeling like your brain is about to turn to mush - rightwell - if it is - please continue on. . .
Attracting Attention to the Persauder's Message
The visual image in this video is simple, but affective. The iconic properties of this video grabs the audience member becaue they are familiar with what happens when an egg hits a hot pan and can assimilate that to the message the persuader is making that "drugs will fry your brain." There is a violation of reality in this image because we do not have a visual image of the brain being damaged by drugs. But the sizzling egg...we can make the connection.

The same message is presented in the video, however, the larger emotional appeal used here is enhanced by the
use of different camera angles, intesity, volume and the identification with the audience creates a more intense message. Audiences may have been familiar with the 10-second video claiming "drugs will fry your brain." And perhaps they were persuaded. But the emotional appeal of the girl in the second video is affective because she is of small stature, and is simply stating the same thing as the original video, but then she breaks loose and catches the audeince off guard. The audience may have thought they knew what to expect in another "this is your brain on drugs video," but the element of surprise enhances the emotional appeal and perhaps persuade them to stop in a "WOW" moment to reconsider the original message.

 Persuasion of Visual Images

Images have several strategies for attracting attention. Without the attention of the audience, a visual image serves no purpose. However, pictures and visual images do not always depict reality. The myth of photographic truth suggests that just because it can be seen and appears real - it is real. Think so?

Take a quick look at our next video - is it real or is it edited? Do you know? Can you always know?

Editing and selective representation are another aspect of visual image manipulation. What is left out of a photograph or television image may be just as (if not more) important than what is included. Here, a completely different impact is made by the fully-revealed and unedited video (well sort of). have tried to present an idea here of what types of things people are exposed to every day. They have companies and people trying to persuade them about things or sell them things a lot. We hope that you can now see that almost all messages are persuasive.There are many tricks of the trade that can be used to enhance products and ideas.Camera anglesLightingSoundThe setting or locationEditing of sound or filmThe amount of exposure that an ad or commercial receivesThe various types of media that the ad or commercial is shown on or aired onMany ads and commercials are good and honest, but many are out to nail the consumer with a product. So - beware - because some advertisers are hoping that you won't be!

Electronic Eloquence is another important factor in persuasion today!
  • A theory of symbol use that suggest that the effectiveness of persuaders today comes from a use of an intimate language style.
  • Electronic eloquence resembles the traditional female oratory.
  • Persuasion of today is more oriented on establishing intimate relationships with audience members.
  • Based on five characteristics:
1. Personification
2. Self-Discloser
3. Conversational Style
4. Verbal Distillation
5. Visual Dramatization (Borchers, 201)

  • A grammatical technique that represents an abstract object or thing as a person
  • Persuaders use this technique by using a person to symbolize or represent their message (Borchers, 2011.

Self Discloser
  • Persuaders allow us to understand them as a person and why they feel the way they do about certain issues.
  • Persuaders disclose personal information about themselves that allows the receiver to see a side of them otherwise unknown.

Conversational Style
  • An informal manner of speech delivery with the use of casual vocabulary. As well as a use of informal transitions such as "Well and "Now".
  • Allows an opportunity for the audience to interact in the conversation with the persuader/speaker.

Verbal Distillation
  • The use of small pieces of words to fully represent ideas versus complex presentations of arguments and agendas.
  • Synecdoche: the representation of large amounts of information in a short, memorable part of the body of information (Borchers, 2014.
  • Synecdoche Phrases: a capsule by which audiences store persuasive events (Borchers, 204).
  • Great example: SLOGANS!

1707.jpg (www.wikiwallpaper.s. com)
Visual Dramatization
  • Using a combination of language and visual imagery is most effective (Borchers, 205).
  • Pseudoevent: a "false" event, staged simply to promote news coverage of a person, place or thing .
  • Has four characteristics:
1. Dramatic
2. Repeatable
3. Convenient
4. Commodiditized
  • These four characteristics of pseudoevents help to employ effectiveness (Borchers, 206-208).

Thank you to you our viewers - "The Powerful Persuaders"