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FEAR Appeal

-How is fear appeal used in below?
- Persuaders lead the audience to feel emotion - FEAR, but why?

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- Fear has a stronger effect on older audiences - Volkswagen Jetta’s target audience, but how?

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- Critical components of Fear Appeal (Borchers, 2005):
1. Severity of threat - Death - Very severe
2. Probability of occurrence - High – most ride in a car everyday
3. Efficacy of coping response – Find a safe vehicle
4. Ability to enact solution- Jetta is the answer! - Has High safety ratings

- Aristotle's three questions to be answered to create an emotion -fear- for an audience (Borchers, 2005):
1. What is the audience’s state of mind when fearful?
How do I get out of this? How can I be safe?
2. Who is the audience fearful of?
Another reckless driver … drunk, sleeping, texting, speeding…
3. Why do audience members become fearful of that person(s)?
They could cause a deadly accident. I want to live!!