Welcome to R321 Persuasion Wiki, Spring Semester 2011

Professor Kristina Horn Sheeler, PhD

This is our home base wiki page for the semester. Please bookmark this page. If you ever get lost, just come back here.

After you know the group to which you have been assigned, you will see a link to that group name on the left. That page is your group page for the semester and you and your group members can edit it to your heart's content. If you want to jump in and get started, you'll need to join our site. Click on the Join this Wiki link (top left) and submit a membership request. Once I receive your request, I will give you access rights to edit your group page. However, ONLY edit your group page and not the pages of other classmates. Doing so will be negatively reflected in your grade (I can see who has done editing work in the history tab above).

Wikispaces has developed a nice tour to acquaint you with editing your page. To find the tour, click here, which will take you to short video "lessons" on wiki creation and editing. The Help link above also has good basic instructions. However, you don't need any special skills to get started. If you know how to word process, you can edit a wiki. If you have a problem or need an answer to a specific question, you can contact wikispaces at help@wikispaces.com. Professor Elizabeth Goering and her online C228 class also created a nice list of Frequently Asked Questions, some of which you might find useful.

If you are logged in to wikispaces and get lost, you can always click on the wikispaces icon--on this page it's in the top right. It will take you back to the welcome page where you can find all your pages located under the My Wikis heading.

If you're wondering what you can do on your wikispaces page, anything (well, anything that is appropriate of course). You could make a video and embed it by clicking the television widget above; you can insert pictures, clipart or links to other web pages which could take visitors on a persuasion scavenger hunt. If you want to see what other students have created, click on the link to Previous Persuasion Wikis on the left, but don't let their work limit your thinking. Be creative and have fun, while also demonstrating what you're learning about persuasion in our media age.

Students always want to personalize their page and here is help on doing that. Don't spend too much time on "bells and whistles" at the expense of the substance of your wiki, however. If you want to change the color of your wiki background, click here for basic instructions: https://themes.wikispaces.com/Colors+-+change+background+color.
If you want to change the color of the border or you want to use an image file as the background for your wiki, this file has instructions. First upload your image file using the file icon above when you're in editing mode. Then follow these instructions:

Please note: you may have trouble viewing some of these changes if you do not have javascript enabled in your browser. Mozilla does not always display all visuals. I have the best luck using Explorer. If you upload visuals and they don't display, trying using a different browser.